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Welcome Message

Welcome to Horizon Private School – Branch (HPS-Br.), a co-educational school with a student-centered approach at every level. This is defined by the manner in which we educate, mentor, and encourage our students, providing an exceptional learning experience that is inspiring and empowering.

Following the American Curriculum (Common Core State Standards), HPS-Br. provides a perfectly balanced education, which combines high academic standards with extraordinary personal development and a comprehensive extra-curricular program. Furthermore, we nurture each student’s distinctive talents and abilities, an approach that has proven to be very successful, resulting in high attainment and progress year-after-year.

At HPS–Br., we seek to ensure that students come to school each day with a longing to learn, a determination to do their very best, and a smile on their faces. We believe school should be enriching and fun, hosting passionate, independent learners who are able to use their initiative, think for themselves, and realize their goals in life.

Principal’s Message

At HPS-Br. we believe that every child is a valuable gift from God. Every child is born to add value to this world. Our duty as educators is to make our students believe in themselves and help them discover their hidden talents. A dry seed that has no sign of life, once given the right conditions, will grow into a tree and add beauty to the environment, similarly every child, once given the right education and the proper care at school, will succeed and contribute positively to the world.

Why us?

What makes Horizon Private School – Branch unique to any other school in the area, is that we do REALLY CARE about our students.

Key Facts

These key facts provide a quick introduction to Horizon Private School – Branch, underlining the rewarding time your child will have, and the enhanced life they will enjoy as a result!