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Welcome Message

Welcome to Horizon Private School – Branch (HPS-Br.), a co-educational school with a student-centered approach at every level. This is defined by the manner in which we educate, mentor and encourage our students, providing an exceptional learning experience that is inspiring and empowering.

Following the American Curriculum (Common Core State Standards), HPS-Br. provides a perfectly balanced education, which combines high academic standard with extraordinary personal development and a comprehensive extra-curricular program.  Furthermore, we nurture each student’s distinctive talents and abilities, an approach that has proven to be very successful, resulting in high attainment and progress year-after-year. 

At HPS-Br., we are a caring community within a community, with class sizes that allow teachers to get to know each student as an individual and to differentiate lessons accordingly. Moreover, although first and foremost we are a center of education, HPS-Br. offers much more than that. The individual development off each student is underpinned by regular opportunities to perform in the sporting and musical arenas.

Our students adore their school and are justly proud of all they do.  They love learning and there is a true sense of fun, with all talents being allowed to flourish in a caring, structured and secure environment.

Principal’s Message

At HPS-Br. we believe that every child is a valuable gift from God. Every child is born to add value to this world. Our duty as educators is to make our students believe in themselves and help them discover their hidden talents. A dry seed that has no sign of life, once given the right conditions, will grow into a tree and add beauty to the environment, similarly every child, once given the right education and the proper care at school, will succeed and contribute positively to the world.

Why us?

What makes Horizon Private School – Branch unique to any other school in the area, is that we do REALLY CARE about our students.

Key Facts

These key facts provide a quick introduction to Horizon Private School – Branch, underlining the rewarding time your child will have, and the enhanced life he/ she will enjoy as a result!

What’s Happening

Having #siblings learn in the same environment fosters stronger family bonds and opportunities for them to support each other. Enroll your children today! #hpsbranch #admissions #abudhabiparents #studentlife #abudhabi #abudhabischools #khalifacity ...

#GoodMorning #hpsbranch family! This morning we would like to share with you Nicole Maalouf’s, Class of 2016 #successstory

"HPS-Branch has provided me with all the tools I need to lead a successful life and career. I had the most enjoyable, unforgettable moments in this school and I do miss it dearly. At HPS-Branch, I met special teachers and classmates and got to experience a diverse setting where we are all unique but united in one classroom. I grew immensely through my daily experiences in this school and got to challenge myself through AP courses and extracurricular activities.

After my graduation, I travelled to Lebanon to study Mathematics at the University of Balamand. After completing my Bachelor degree, I accomplished to receive my Teaching Diploma in Mathematics. And now, I got accepted to one of the Top 10 Education Universities in the UK, University of Southampton, to pursue a Master’s degree in Education.

I would like to thank all my teachers and classmates for making my school experience a truly remarkable one. Nothing would have been the same if I haven’t studied at HPS-Branch and met all of them. A big thank you to everyone who contributed in making my 8 years at HPS- Branch a pleasure. I will always remember the school as my second home."

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Happy Sunday to all parents and students! If you have any queries about our #school you can contact us between 8am - 3pm, Sunday to Thursday.
📞02 5560811 📧 #hpsbranch #khalifacity #abudhabi #parentsofabudhabi #abudhabiparents #abudhabischools

Did you know that #hpsbranch rated ‘Very Good’ in the 2018-2019 Irtiqa’a inspection carried out by #ADEK 👍🏻 Contact us for more info! #khalifacity #education #abudhabiparents #americancurriculum #commoncorestatestandards #abudhabi ...

Looking forward to welcoming our students back this Tuesday, 16th of Feb👍🏻🎉 #hpsbranch #khalifacity #studentlife #school ...

Good Morning #hpsbranch family! Here is a book recommendation by our Senior Librarian Ms. Mireille, ‘The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes’, a story that teaches children that it’s ok to make mistakes because you learn from them.
Age group: KG to Grade 4
Enjoy! #readingisfun #literacy #library #letsread

#SaferInternetDay promotes the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people around the world. Here are 5 top tips for aiding you and your children in this process:
1- Monitor your child’s internet use and keep a track of their browser history.
2- Make sure you choose strong passwords for your secure information.
3- Keep your privacy settings high to ensure your security.
4- Ensure you're up to date with all the latest security software.
5- Remember to be as cautious on your mobile as your desktop or laptop.
6- Don't click on links you don't trust.
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'The Common Core States Standards' is designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that young people need for success at university and careers. In addition, it emphasizes disciplinary concepts and practices that support students as they develop the capacity to know, analyze, explain, and argue about interdisciplinary challenges in the world. #hpsbranch #khalifacity #abudhabi #americancurriculum #registration ...

#happythursday #hpsbranch family! Share with us your favorite #books! 📚 #khalifacity #letsread #readingisfun #libraryliteracy #library #literacy ...

This morning we would like to share with you Moayad Mohammed Barakat’s, Class of 2019 #hpsbranch school #successstory
‘My experience at HPS-Br. was wonderful and unforgettable. The reason for that is because I met friends that I can now call family and I don’t think I would’ve had the connection that I have with them today if I was at any other school.
I’ve been with HPS-Br. for over 11 years so it’s going to be a bit hard to recall all the best moments since they are a lot J. I would say my favorite moments include my first day at HPS-Br.; that was the day I met one of my best friends and whom I’m proud to call my brother, Roy Maalouf. It was during the first period of second grade. The teacher gave us a paper and a task. We had to ask our new class mates about their favorite shape, animal, color. So I walked up to Roy, and I had no idea who he was back then, I asked him the questions and we got the same exact answers for each one! Since that day, we’ve always been best friends.
Our school was always a good place to be and our students were always full of energy and positivity; I’m always going to remember them and how they’ve shaped who I am today.

My favorite sport is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which is commonly known as the “Gentle Art”. My accomplishments include competing locally and internationally and winning medals in various competitions. So far, I’ve competed all over the Emirates, as well as in London, Baku, and Rio De Janeiro. The reason I got into this sport is because of my beloved mother. At first, I wasn’t convinced about it, however, she made me sign up for trials and I fell in love with it. My main goal is to become a black belt world champion, and hopefully one day I will achieve it.

Finally, I want to share my motto that I live by with my fellow students at HPS-Br. don’t be afraid to take risks, go for new challenges and try out adventures. Don’t be afraid of change, it’s not always a bad thing. One closed door doesn’t mean that there are no open ones! Don’t hold yourself back. You can be whoever you want to be in this world if you put the time and effort. Believe in yourself, and one day you can become one of the greatest!’

Admissions are now open at Horizon Private School - Branch
* Affordable quality education in the heart of Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi
* Follows the #AmericanCurriculum
* Rated ‘Very Good’ by ADEK
* Call us on: +971 2 556 0811
* Email:
🔘 Apply now for KG1 - Grade 12:
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You can always request a call back from our #admissions team by filling out the form in the link:
We are always ready to answer all your queries. #hpsbranch #abudhabi #khalifacity #registration

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