Our Community

Khalifa City has a strong sense of community and Horizon Private School - Branch plays an important part in the lives of many people who live in and around that area, with more than 1,500 parents taking advantage of a vibrant learning environment that allows their children to flourish academically and socially.

Solidarity Approach

Parents, staff, and students consider HPS-Br. to be one big, extended family that encourages children in all they do, allowing them to develop a resilience to try new things in a supportive and caring environment. Moreover, the school plays an important part in the community life of Khalifa City, with more than 1,500 parents taking advantage of the outstanding opportunities we provide both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our school’s achievements stem from inspirational learning and teaching, which encourages students to develop as confident, independent individuals with enquiring minds. This has been accomplished through instilling a deeply rooted value system, an international mindset, and local ideals and ethics, which together create a unique and high quality education.

Above and Beyond

With the aim of developing the whole child in terms of his/her academic, personal, and social education, HPS-Br. works hard to enhance the curriculum with various after-school activities, including sports academy for the whole community, Spring, Summer and Winter camps, and international trips. It also aims at establishing strategic partnerships with numerous companies in the region.

We are committed to bringing out the best in everyone and have a ‘no ceiling’ approach to what our students can accomplish. Every person matters and the care we provide ensures that our students feel supported and valued throughout their time with us.

Creating Local Center of Excellence

HPS-Br. is more than a location. Composed of students, parents, teachers, and other education professionals, it is a community within a community. The bond between all of these components creates a vibrant energy and atmosphere that defines the school and forms the happy and successful center of learning that it is. We are proud of our students and aim to inspire them to confidently venture out into the global community of the future.

What Our Students Say

“I have really enjoyed my time in this school. It encourages students to cooperate with each other. It has encouraged me to pursue my dream. Recommended.”

Zaina Albaini

What Our Parents Say

“Three of my kids have been in this school for six years. They love school and learn a lot every day. I am happy with their academic achievements and social development. KG department is activity based, students participate in lots of events.”

Olga AlKhalili