Student Success Stories

Want to get an idea of what learners think of HPS-Br.? Check out some of our students’ inspiring stories!

“I have attended multiple schools but it wasn’t until I joined Horizon Private School – Branch that I felt at home. During my last year, I developed patience and many other valuable skills, and even learned to step out of my comfort zone, which led to a lot of fun memories.

I started my very own debate club, which was a huge success and also opened a small food business.

I grew from a shy, quiet child into the Mentawi man that I always wished to be. I will be attending Penn State University this year, and majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I’m hoping to get my Masters after that. I want to thank my friends and family, especially my grandfather, may his soul rest in peace, for supporting me through the hardest of times and sticking by my side.

I’d also like to thank all my teachers. To go through the school year with them truly was a gift. I not only understood the subjects, but also loved learning with a passion, and I honestly cannot thank them enough. You have made my future possible.”

Ahmed Mentawi, Graduate 2019

My experience at Horizon Private School – Branch was exceptional, especially considering the people I met along the way because they helped me to become who I am today.

At Horizon I’ve learned many things, but one important lesson is that everything happens for a reason and that independency is the key to happiness. I’ve had so many great moments that I can’t think of just one.

I’m continuing my studies at the University of Balamand in Lebanon, majoring in medicine, specifically surgery.

I want to thank all my teachers for helping us and trying to make our experience memorable, and I would also like to thank Miss Amal, the Principal, for doing whatever it takes to keep this school fully supervised and disciplined.

Daniel, Graduate 2019

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