Local Trips

School trips are powerful, positive teaching tools that help enhance the intellectual, social, and emotional development of students.

Emirates Zoo

During Term 2, Horizon Private School – Branch students of Grades 1 and 2 enjoyed three different trips to Emirates Park Zoo, Bahiya Public Library, and Fun Works. At Emirates Park Zoo Grade 1 students learned about animal classification and habitats and adored their time feeding the animals. Grade 2 students undertook a visit to Bahiya Public Library where an Arabic language puppet show was performed. Finally, both grades went for a trip to Fun Works where they worked diligently and learned how to play collaboratively. The children and teachers had delightful moments and will never forget these experiences!

Desert Safari

“A trip to remember” is how both students and teachers have described their adventure to the Desert Safari field trip during the first term in the academic year 2018/19. On a Monday morning, Grade 7 students drove all the way to Al Ain fully ready and excited for what they were about to experience and learn.

Desert Safari is the perfect place for a student to enjoy the company of friends and learn more about the UAE’s desert culture and traditions. HPS-Br. students were given a wide range of entertainment and activities, which allowed them to have a closer contact and a more vivid experience toward the Emirati heritage. They raced on surfing boards and sand gliders, climbed on top of dunes, witnessed the ancient beauty and glory of the desert’s camels, and hopped on 4×4 vehicles, driven by professional expertise, for an exhilarating and thrilling dune bashing experience that lasted for a whole hour. Later in the afternoon, students were provided refreshments and were able to pick from a buffet of delicious meals. Finally, our hosts wrapped up the day with an entertaining magic show that brought our students’ efforts together in trying to solve the mysteries behind his tricks. Students drove back to school with smiles on their faces and with the aspiration of doing it again in the upcoming future.

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers is known for its film studios. Grade 3 students undertook a trip to the famous franchise located in Abu Dhabi where they learned all about how films are made. They visited the sets and got an insight into the technologies applied and artistic effects of the 21st century film industry. It was a truly insightful experience and all the students returned happy back to school!