News & Events

Follow the latest news and events, as we keep students and parents up-to-date with what is happening across the school.

Bake Sale

Students of grades 1 & 2 had a charity activity under the title of “Bake Sale”. They learned how to make a positive contribution to the community they live in. Therefore, they had this activity where the proceedings went to the Red Crescent.

Bahiya Library

Student of Horizon Private School – Br. visit the Bahiya Public Library where they enjoyed a Puppet Show in Arabic language.

Character Day

Horizon Private School – Br. hosts “Character Day” as a fun-filled day of dressing up in costumes. Teachers and students of Grade 1 & 2 have a good time choosing their favorite costumes. The variety of characters is endless and the only limitation to creating a costume is imagination.

International Day

Fun filled activities during the “International Day” at Horizon Private School – Br. Students performed on the stage, participated in a variety of country related activities, and enjoyed food from all over the world!

World Happiness Day

Happiness is all around. Students passed by classrooms and wished staff members a happy day. They enjoyed the long break and were so surprised to see the ice cream truck inside the school. Alongside listening to joyful music and songs, lovely feelings were shared on writing walls around the school.

UAE National Day 2018

National day celebrations at Horizon Private School – Br.! Happy UAE Day from all of us!