Starting at Middle School (Grades 6-8)

At Horizon Private School – Branch, we employ a range of practices to help support a child’s transition. We endeavor to find teachers that the youngsters will trust in order to ensure that they get the best possible start in their new setting.

Starting at Middle School:

On the first day, parents and students should arrive at school between 7:15 am and 7:30 am where teachers in the playground will welcome them. Students can find their sections by checking the class lists that will be displayed in the playground. New students will be introduced to their Class Advisors who will take them to their classes at 7:40 am after lining-up for the National Anthem.

First day of school:

In the classes, there will be a few icebreaker activities that are planned by the Class Advisor in order to ease the new students into their new environment and help them adjust. Moreover, the Class Advisor will give students the timetable and will explain to them the use of the school planner. This will be followed by a presentation regarding the daily routines and general rules at Horizon Private School –Branch and a tour around the school to help the students find their way. During the breaks in the first week, all teachers and administrators will be available in the playground to socialize with the students, help them meet some friends, and answer their questions.

Pick up and drop off times:

At home-time/dismissal, supervisors will show bus students how to get to the bus assembly zone or where they can wait for their car if a parent, a guardian, or a driver picks them up.

Orientation sessions for students, especially for Grades 6 and new students, will take place during the first two weeks to reinforce rules and regulations and to explain the internal system adopted (regarding assessments, activities, etc).

Students’ experiences:

The Middle School Department continues the development of our students’ personalities and characters by providing for them a variety of activities and events to participate in. Activities and events such as the Film Festival and the Science Fair aim to build well-rounded students who have developed their artistic, athletic, linguistic, and scientific talents as per their choices and interests.

Grade 6-8 students, and as part of their curriculum, are given the opportunity to develop awareness of and belonging to their community, develop their sense of right and wrong through character building tasks, as well as develop the research skills needed to succeed in High School and later on in university.